Blog | Common Signs of Hail Damage

Hail damage and high-speed winds combine for around 40% of insurance claims and roughly $15 billion in damages during 2019. The damages caused by such storms affects everything outside of your home and the cost of repair can elevate very quickly. Some are easy to spot, some take a little work. Before you can scope out the hail damage on your roof, you need to know what to look for. Hail damage usually comes in one of the following forms:

Hail Hits (Dents)
There are lots of items on your roof made of softer metals and various materials. These are a quick way to spot if you have potential hail damage to your shingles / roofing materials. Vents, gutter system, sky lights, flashing, etc. is a good place to start inspecting for potential hail damage.

Loose Shingle Granules
Hail can cause the little flecks of ceramic on shingles, otherwise known as the granules, to loosen and fall off. While this might not seem like a big deal, enough missing granules can expose the asphalt coating below. When that happens, leaks are likely not far away.

Loose, Broken or Missing Shingles
Impact from hail stones can also cause shingles to crack, shift or completely break which can quickly lead to shingle loss. Shingle loss is the leading factor to water damage in a roof / attic. Getting a tarp over the damaged areas as quickly as possible is key to preventing further damage to your roof.

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